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Map Center answers to frequently asked questions about which world map to buy:

How big is the biggest world map?

Oh. What are the biggest world maps on one sheet?

What are the most detailed world maps?

Which World map is easy to read with large print? Any of the huge maps suggested above has large lettering but if space is limited, here are maps with larger text than other maps their size.

Do you sell up to date World maps in the decorative style of an antique map?

Do you have World maps for children? Here are maps designed for early map readers.

Why do they waste space showing the flags of the countries? The flags on a World map are an excellent way to learn about the nations. Tiny countries are represented just as well as any other. We have observed that children not yet able to read text or a map are often fascinated by the flags and will ask questions about them. As their abilities develop, they will learn more from their world map.

What is this new correct map of the world I keep hearing about? The Peters Projection World Map does not distort the sizes of the countries.

Do you have an indestructible World map? Not quite, but this Tyvek map is waterproof, not laminated, foldable, colorful, legible, very difficult to tear and exceptionally fade-resistant.

Do you have a world map showing time zones?

World Map with Pacific Ocean, East Asia in the middle?

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