UPS drivers know where they are going…

…the old fashioned way.

UPS is prime example of a huge company that is data-drivenly ruthless in pursuit of efficiency. Crashes are extremely inefficient, so any strategy that prevents even a few of those adds up fast for them.

Everyone knows how packages are constantly scanned and tracked. Less visibly, the device the driver carries and the trucks themselves bristle with sensors that transmit positions and movements, even the opening and closing of doors. All this data is crunched in order to strictly supervise drivers and to constantly evaluate and improve methods and policies. It is not the kind of work environment I personally prefer, but I have no doubt they are very good at what they are doing.

So, UPS drivers must be beneficiaries of a state-of-the-art navigation system, right? Of course they are! There is no GPS screen. There are no turn by turn directions. Drivers are strictly prohibited from using their own phones for navigation. The company that micromanages everything it wants to, that could easily install the world’s most advanced wayfinding technology in their trucks has crunched the numbers and decided that safety and efficiency are maximized when drivers simply learn their routes and know their way around.

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