World Maps

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map tacks inserted into board mounted world mapMaptack-ready
Framed world Maps
Mounted world Maps

Map tacks are the time tested way to emphasize map locations without obscuring text or detail. The pinhole left behind is barely visible.

magnets adhered to world mapMagnet-ready
Framed world Maps
Magnetic World Map Boards

Magnetic indicators are a good way to emphasize locations that change frequently, without damaging the map surface.

world wall Map with countries in different colors

Politically Colored world Wall Maps (rolled)

Countries in contrasting colors, or boundaries emphasized by colored bands. May have shaded relief. This category contains the most choices.

world wall map in natural colorsPhysically Colored world Wall Maps (rolled)

Colors portray elevations and or land cover. Boundaries may or may not be shown.

World map with countries resized in proportion with populationsOther Unusual world Maps

Unconventional perspectives, "upside-down maps," thematic maps, world shipping map, children's maps

large detailed world map unfoldedFolded World Maps

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