To Hang Maps Up

Sticking Maps to Walls

If a mounted or framed map is out of the budget and you are looking for a better way to hang up your new wall map than the old standbys tape or thumbtacks, the Map Center recommends adhesive backed Velcro. Here's why.

Ever notice how taped-up posters eventually fall down, yet a piece of tape by itself on the wall becomes impossible to remove? The adhesive on tape and stickers can not achieve full bonding strength while under the stress of bearing weight. If the adhesive first has a day to properly set it is then able to support more weight for a longer time. Follow these instructions for best results hanging maps with Velcro.

Make sure the surfaces are clean. Use one Velcro pair at each corner and every 2 feet or so along top edge. Join the pairs first. Peel the papers off the fuzzier sides and stick them to the back of the map. Peel the paper off the other sides of the pieces along the top edge and stick the map on the wall. Lift the bottom half of the map, peel the rest of the papers and lower the map so the rest of the spots stick to the wall. Now gently peel the Velcro pairs apart. Make sure all the adhesive pieces are firmly pressed in place. Put the map aside for a day, then place it on the wall. Now you can easily adjust, remove and replace your map. When you move away the landlord might not even notice the little white Velcro spots left behind.

The round hangers are fine for paper posters and maps. The larger squares will support laminated maps.

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