Real Printed Maps are a Superior Information System

  • No other system achieves data storage and data display in a single ultra-convenient, archival, low-cost paper thin unit!
  • The largest display area at the highest resolution.
  • Portable, compatible and easy to share. No cables, batteries, data connection or passwords necessary.
  • Crashproof – Always “Up” and accessible.
  • The original intuitive, user friendly data interface.
  • You can not be tracked, data mined, surveilled or spammed when you use a printed map.
  • Paper maps are interactive with pencil and eraser or stickers. Use washable markers on laminated maps.
  • Use map pins or flags on board mounted framed maps for analysis, visual communication and impressive office decor.
  • For home decoration and gifts, well chosen maps perfectly combine beauty and educational practicality.
  • Beware… “Click for directions” and dashboard navigation may lead to cerebral atrophy. Intelligent life forms thrive by ever refining their engagement with the real world. It’s fun to know where things are, where you are going and why!
  • The informative power of maps is unique and profound. Imagine trying to write down everything one good map could tell you!
  • Certain “Aha!” moments will happen only when you study a map. No other medium simultaneously presents both intricate detail and the “Big picture.” No computer can remotely emulate the human gifts of insight, non linear thought and pattern recognition as facilitated by maps.
  • Studying maps activates a non-language-based intelligence called spatial reasoning ability. If this is not already one of your Multiple Intelligences, what are you waiting for?

This writer explained it beautifully long ago…

Of all the contrivances hitherto devised for the benefit of geography, this [the map] is the most effective. In the extent and variety of its resources, in rapidity of utterance, in the copiousness and completeness of the information it communicates, in precision, conciseness, perspicuity, in the hold it has upon the memory, in vividness of imagery and power of expression, in convenience of reference, in portability, in the happy combination of so many and such useful qualities, a map has no rival. Everything we say or do has reference to place: and wherever place is concerned a map deserves welcome. There is scarcely one department of knowledge; physical or moral, beyond the sphere of its usefulness. To geography it is indispensable.

G. B. Greenough
Presidential Address
Royal Geographical Society
25 May 1840

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