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To display a map attractively in any room where decor matters, frame it!

Practically any map can be mounted or framed!  When shopping the Map Center online you will find the most popular framed maps ready to add to your shopping cart. If the map you like is not directly offered as a framed item, or not offered with the frame or surface you prefer, please call 888-568-6277.

Hundreds of frame colors and profiles are available by special order.  If you want your map trimmed or excerpted, mounted but unframed, on an extra rigid dent resistant or magnetic board, or if we have not mentioned what you want, please call 888-568-6277.

Popular framed World maps | Popular framed USA maps

view of mounting and framing workshop
Framed nautical chart of Narragansett Bay
in the mounting and framing workshop

Lamination is crystal clear, waterproof film permanently bonded to the paper map surface.

When we say “Laminated map” we mean the kind you can roll up – no rigid board – even though most mounted and framed maps also have surface lamination.

Laminated maps are easy to clean and difficult to tear.  Here at the Map Center, laminated display copies withstand years of daily handling.  With water based felt tip markers (like those used on overhead projector slides) you can write on the lamination and easily wipe it off with water.  Permanent markers (like Marks-a-Lot or Sharpie) can be removed from most glossy laminations with alcohol or acetone but PLEASE experiment inconspicuously before you use such markers!

The Map Center uses 3 mil high-gloss polyester film on both sides, edges sealed so the paper is fully encapsulated.  However, many wall maps come to us already laminated so these specifications may vary.

You may see the words “UNFOLD-LAMINATED” in some titles.  These are maps published only in folded condition.  The Map Center adapts them for use as wall maps because there is no other conventional wall map to meet a particular demand, or to offer an economical or smaller alternative to premium priced wall maps.  The lamination process flattens the folds out very well, but the creases remain visible. They are satisfactory for utility purposes but not recommended where exacting decor is a priority.

board mounted map
bulletin board world map

Frameless mounted maps are a display solution where the formal framed look is not required. The map is permanently dry mounted to half inch thick foam core board and the edges are neatly trimmed. The lightweight board is perfect for use with map tacks. Metal ring tabs are inserted in the back for hanging.

We do our best to make these perfectly flat, but unless we use a very expensive ultra rigid board, slight curvature or warping is normal for this product. The example here is about as bad as it gets. Even this bend is barely noticeable when you are not looking at it edgewise.

The way to have a perfectly flat map is to have it framed.

Maps to be framed are dry-mounted permanently to a lightweight 3/16 inch thick foam core board.

Surfaces available on mounted and framed maps…

Non-glare lamination is the preferred choice for decorative maps.  It provides the greatest enhancement of colors and legibility, and some protection from fading.  There is no more reflected glare than you would see from ordinary paper.  It can be cleaned with water or any household cleaner that is safe for vinyl.  You can stick map tacks or pins into into it.  Not appropriate for write-on, wipe-off use.

High gloss lamination is the best choice for an office map you may want to repeatedly write on and wipe off.  It resists accidental stains better than non-glare lamination.  Water based felt tip markers like those used on overhead projector slides wipe off with moist tissue or sponge.  Permanent markers can usually be removed with alcohol or acetone but PLEASE experiment inconspicuously with your particular marker before you mark up the map.  Also fine for map tacks.

Plexiglass provides a traditional picture frame look.  It protects from sharp pokes or thrown objects that can dent the surface of a map protected only by lamination.  Some people find it harder to read a map under glass.  You cannot stick pins into it.  We offer plexiglass because real glass is not practical to ship.

metal picture molding profile viewMetal Frames are neat, sturdy and practical.  This end view diagram shows the size and shape of the aluminum molding you may order online.  In Map Center history, this black metal frame has outsold all others put together. Dozens of other colors and molding profiles are available.  Contact the Map Center for more information.

genuine wood picture moldingsWood Frames are often preferred in homes and traditional settings.  They beautifully enhance certain classic map styles. The simple genuine wood moldings you will find on our online framed maps complement both modern and classic decor.  Each color comes in 3/4 inch, 1 1/4 inch and 1 3/4 inch widths.

Colors:  Walnut, Black, Cherry, Natural

magnetic shapes indicate on mapMagnetic Maps eliminate the problem of too many pin holes if you frequently need to move visual indicators about your map. The map is not a magnet itself: There is a layer of lightweight advanced material beneath the map to which magnets will adhere. Unwieldy sheet metal is no longer required. You may also insert map tacks into some of our magnetic maps. Special 3-point security hanging hardware to immobilize the map on the wall is provided with every magnetic map.

Hanging framed maps: Magnetic maps come with 3-point security hanging hardware. All other framed maps come with the usual wire across the back. If your map will often be touched, pointed to, written on, or bumped against you may add a security hanger kit to your order.  This hardware securely fastens your map to the wall at three points, with all parts hidden by the map.  Be sure to select the appropriate kit for a wood or metal frame. Included are instructions and a special tool that reaches behind to lock and unlock the map.

Galleries of our most popular UPS shippable framed maps – Framed United States Wall Maps  | Framed World Wall Maps

If the map and frame combination you want is not in one of the galleries,  Contact the Map Center.


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