Fool’s Gold in the Data Mine

“America’s Taste in Beer, in Five Maps” baited me into clicking today. This kind of analysis is a cheaper way to feed the content monster than actual journalism, but it can be fun.

county map of USA beer or church

Beer and Church tweets

This county map compiled geotagged tweets that referred to either “beer” or “church.”  One glance confirmed what everyone already knows, that the Bible Belt remains in full effect.  Next I looked at where I live.  Hey, that tiny red speck looks to be Providence County! Huh?  Then I saw that another of only three red specks in New England is Chittenden County, Vermont.  There, Burlington is home to University of Vermont where the heart of downtown nightlife is a place called Church Street.  New Haven is another red speck.  I think a Church Street is prominent there too.

College students in Providence drink as much beer as anyone, but the only thing on Church Street here is a church. Now this is a puzzle.


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